Terms of Service

PAYMENT TERMS – Fifty percent (50%) of the contract price is due upon submission of this signed order form to TLL. The remaining fifty percent (50%) is due prior to the event. Payment may be made via check or major credit card. CUSTOMER the expenses and risks incurred by TLL as a result of preparing, arranging and sequestering equipment for CUSTOMER’s use is not presently known. Consequently, payments are nonrefundable. CONFIRMATION – Upon receipt of this order form and the first 50% payment, TLL will confirm whether the desired equipment is still available. If the equipment is available, TLL will advise CUSTOMER accordingly. If the equipment has become unavailable, at TLL’s sole discretion, TLL will either 1) provide equipment of equal or greater function at no additional charge to CUSTOMER, and advise CUSTOMER accordingly, or 2) inform CUSTOMER that the equipment is unavailable, refund the 50% payment, and CUSTOMER and TLL will have no further obligations relating to this order. SERVICES – Price does not include any other services/expenses, such as electricity, crane or hanging equipment, labor, location costs, insurance, fees associated by location services, set-up, operations, delivery, etc., unless otherwise agreed in writing. Such services/expenses are the sole responsibility of CUSTOMER. All equipment are on a rental basis for the duration of the event and remain the property of TLL except where specifically identified as a sale. Price is based upon standard configurations. Additional labor charges may apply for custom configurations. If TLL agrees in writing to provide a local technician for on-site support, CUSTOMER will pay additional fees per technician. CARE – CUSTOMER is renting TLL equipment for a specified period of time and is responsible for its safe return. If equipment is not returned by listed date, additional rental fees will apply. CUSTOMER will not permit any equipment to be used and/or possessed by parties other than CUSTOMER without prior written consent of TLL. CUSTOMER will use all rental equipment with reasonable care to prevent excessive wear and tear and/or damage to the equipment. CUSTOMER will not move, operate or alter the equipment without the prior written consent of TLL. All rental equipment must be returned to TLL in the same condition as at the time of transfer to CUSTOMER, reasonable wear and tear excluded. CUSTOMER will immediately notify TLL of any damage to the rental equipment, and CUSTOMER agrees to pay for rental equipment damaged or lost while in CUSTOMER’S care, custody and/or control. CUSTOMER agrees to leave a credit card on file, and authorizes TLL to charge to the credit card any amounts resulting from equipment recovery, repairs, and replacement. FINANCE CHARGES – Should there be any pre-approved unpaid balance after the close of the show, terms will be net, due and payable in Orlando, Florida upon receipt of invoice. Effective 30 days after invoice date, any unpaid balance will bear a finance charge at the lesser of the maximum rate allowed by applicable law, or 1.5% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18%, and future orders will be on a prepayment basis only. If any finance charge hereunder exceeds the maximum rate allowed by applicable law, the finance charge shall automatically be reduced to the maximum rate allowed, and any excess finance charge received by TLL shall be either applied to reduce the principal unpaid balance or refunded to the payer. MISCELLANEOUS – These payment terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the LAWS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, without regard to conflict of laws principles. These terms can only be altered by a written notation in the note section of this order form, which note section must then be signed by both TLL and CUSTOMER to be effective. In the event of any dispute between CUSTOMER and TLL relating to any loss, damage, or claim, such CUSTOMER shall not be entitled to and shall not withhold payment, or any partial payment, due to TLL for its services, as an offset against the amount of any alleged loss or damage. All disputes between CUSTOMER and TLL shall be resolved in a court of competent jurisdiction located in Orange County, Florida. The prevailing party in any such dispute shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, including in determining the amount of recoverable attorneys’ fees and costs, and including on appeal. BY SIGNING, CUSTOMER AGREES TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS LISTED ABOVE