Audio Visual Elements by Top LED at Exhibitor Live 2019.

1. Have a Plan

What sets a good event apart from a great event is the amount of planning that goes into it.

Great planning to prepare for obstacles before they happen will give you a crucial advantage over your competition.

That’s why Top LED Lumination spent weeks prior on concept, design, and pre-production for a quality booth at Exhibitor Live. We used over 250 LED products to turn a simple 20′ x 20′ booth into so much more. Every square inch available was used as a life size advertisement, attracting eyes from near and far; drawing traffic to your booth.

From move-in, to installation, to move-out, every step was planned to be quick and painless.
You can utilize a Gantt Chart to schedule the many deadlines, check-ins, and target dates for your event.

2. Offer Great Customer Service

Whether it’s a 10′ x 20′ booth, or a 50′ x 100′ island, if you do not provide great customer service to your leads, they will not return, they will not talk about you, they will not advertise for you, nor will they bring any new leads to your space.

The core of your customer service should be centered around your engagement with your leads as they enter your space. First and foremost, your objective is to make them feel welcome. Introduce yourself, ask them general questions about their business and figure out how you can improve their standing among their competitors.

It is essential to not only create a positive impression, but to create value of your company in the eyes of the attendees.

We will discuss some ways to enhance the value of their experience in our next steps.

LED Tower

LED Tower by Top LED Lumination.

3. Advertise Your Company Nonstop

One of the key measures of your booth’s success is the ability to generate foot traffic and leads.

Signs that are printed, fabric, or rotating are okay, however they are not dynamic. They use only one image per space, which can easily be dismissed in a convention hall full of hundreds of competitors eyeing your clients.

An LED Wall is a perfect solution to this dilemma. They are huge, bright billboards in the middle of a booth saying, “Look at me! Come over here!” It adds a modern feel to any booth design that printed signs just can’t compete with.

A live camera feed of your event space is another surefire way to bring massive attention to your space. You can accomplish this by requesting a camera with a live video output to the video wall, and point the camera at a space facing the wall itself. Add your logo to the piece, and attendees will take photos and advertise your company for you.

Live Presentations at CES 2019.

4. Keep Prospects in Your Event Space

  • Conversation:
    Introductions, questions about their attendance. What brought them in? Hopefully you went with an LED Video Wall to capture their attention.

  • Lead Retrieval:
    This step is important to grabbing their information for a follow up call, and building that long lasting business connection.

  • Presentations/Announcements:
    Want to get your message across to dozens people all at once? Do you have an announcement or press event? An LED Wall is the way to go. Imagine having a jumbotron right in the middle of your booth to create a scene that puts you at the center of the attention. Combine with speakers and a microphone to create a presence on the show floor. One that stands out in a memorable way, no doubt.
  • 1-on-1 Live Demos:
    Whether it’s a software or a 3-D Rendering, a Touch Display is a perfect tool for showing your leads your latest in product development. You can take control of your interaction, allowing you to highlight the very best that your company has to offer.
  • Closing:
    The most important interactions with someone are your first and last. The first impression you’ve made, and the opinion they leave with. This is why it’s important to use the tools mentioned: LED Walls, Touch Displays, Audio, Presentations, and Demos to create an everlasting experience.


5. Keep Costs Down

Admit it, we all want the highest quality when it comes to technology.

The latest phones, the trendiest watches, the smartest cars, but what innovation saves us in time, it costs us in real dollars and cents.

When it comes to trade shows, corporate events, and exhibitions, the costs can be high; however, one headache that you don’t have to worry about is the cost of your audio visual projects when selecting the right company.

Top LED Lumination is a direct supplier of high quality AV Products. Renting direct not only means less money spent on expensive markups, but direct US based technical support. This one simple decision could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next project or event.

The direct technical support + the cost management lets you focus on the whole reason you’re exhibiting in the first place…

…closing deals to keep your business growing, and your clients coming back.

Contact us with some details about your next event and to receive a free quote!